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shared homeschooling?

What I would like to do is find a couple other familes within my area ( this is likely) to get together and kind of pool curiculum and talents.

Say one mom is very good at history so certain days she teaches the kids that. While another mom is good a art and science. Perhaps the father in one family would teach higher math.
PerhAps they could take over for parents when someone is sick or has something that they need to do without the children there.

The children would definately get to be around other kids and could benifit from having teachers that are gifted in ways their parents aren't. The parents get the benifits of shared resources and balance.

Has anyone done anything like this? My best bet for starting one is to find other locals interested which I'm on my way to doing. I have a long list of groups nearby but at face value don't seem to be doing exactly what I'm talking about.
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