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Great Phys Ed book

Hey, everyone,

I ordered The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book and it came in the mail yesterday. It is GREAT! I am so looking forward to using this with my girls. The one area I'm really dropping the ball is with Phys Ed, and it's mainly because I don't have a good resource for activities for 2-3 people. There is only so much jump roping, catch, and running that we can do before we're all bored! This book is FULL of activities based on real sports that teach the skills you need to play and the rules for the game without actually having to have enough people to form teams. It also has modified playground games to teach the kids. I am so psyched I found this book!
The activities have suggested ages for each activity, and the range seems to be for ages 5-12. Some of the activities aren't recommended until age 7 or 8, but there is still enough in the age 5 range to keep my youngest happy.
Anyway, I thought I'd pass the recomendation on, in case anyone else out there is ripping their hair out trying to find something geared toward small groups.
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