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September starts a new era for my family

Hello. My name is Jessica and I have two children, Orion (age 9) and Kieriana (age 5). I've been a member of this group for a long time, however for the past 3 years I've been rather silent.

I homeschooled Orion for preschool, preK, and Kindergarten. The summer before 1st grade we moved to NY and I was having some health problems. So Orion went into school. Kieriana had been diagnosed with autism and also went to a special ed preschool (she's since been re-diagnosed as developmentally delayed). The past 3 years were HORRIBLE as far as the schools and school district goes. Today was the last straw.

For a while now I've been wanting to homeschool the kids again. Physically and mentally I feel I can do it again. After today, I'm more than ready to homeschool them come September. I even called my husband this morning and after explaining to him what happened with the district I asked, "If I homeschool the kids next year will you back me up?" He said, "Absolutely."

So this summer I have a lot of planning to do. Both of my kids are technically special needs though I don't see them that way. However I do recognize that as far as their education goes, it's going to take a bit more planning than it did when Orion was younger.

My question is: Is there anyone on here that's in NY (specifically Long Island)? We're going to be here till the summer of next year when we move again (either CA, VA, or FL). My husband is in the military so we move a lot. lol Also, what curriculum would be good? In CA we used K12 but I can't afford them out here (in CA it was free). I'll probably buy whatever I use off of e-bay or from another homeschooler. (need kindergarten and 4th grade...if I can't find what I want then I'll write my own).
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