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Google Apps for Home Schoolers (or not)

Perhaps you've not heard of google apps, but I can't imagne that's the case. Essentially take g-mail, docs, calendar and their other tools bundle them together and you have google docs a great tool for businesses, schools and the like. Google, of course, recognizes that it's good to have all your stuff in one convenient place (and like that it's their place) so they're happy to have your business.

Google apps for your business is gonna cost you, though not as much as an IT department or the lost time you'll have if your IT department is your cousin Fred.

And, Google isn't exactly driven by Motivation 2.0 standards (see Drive) so non-profits, depending on their size get in for free.

Google also recognizes the importance of education so they built an education edition that has some nifty features like allowing children under 13 (with parental consent) and the ability to block mail and to allow children access to the apps (including mail) sans ads.

Here's where this post takes a turn. I was pretty excited about the prospect of using google apps for schooling until I hit this: "Student/alumni/parent groups, religious organizations, home schools or government bodies that are not registered as 501(c)(3) do not qualify for the Education Edition."
Sigh...I would think that an organization that recognizes unique ways to work (such as 20% time) would recognize the value of non-standardized education. Why lock out home schools?

Sad, Google, just sad.
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